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Video surveillance made easy with ISview for small system solutions

Standard video software to display real-time images from IP-Cameras and video encoders via VAPIX protocol (AXIS and MOXA). This intuitively operable software has been optimized for touch screen operation. The large touch buttons allow easy glove operation. Therefore, it is ideally suited to display video images on HMIs in hazardous areas.



max. 12 cameras Single-camera licence available


  • Easy operation without prior training.
  • Single and four-fold view of the video image.
  • Operation of up to 12 cameras.
  • Optimized for Human-Machine-Interfaces from R. STAHL HMI Systems GmbH.


  • Large touch buttons for glove operation.
  • Suitable for closed Zone 1 in combination with our Human-Machine-Interfaces.


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